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Kalashnikov USA™️ Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase your firearms on your website?

No, you can buy only accessories, gear, apparel and parts.

Are the parts forged or cast?

Critical parts are forged; We are following the original technology.

Are the guns gas piston or recoil operated?

KS-12 is gas piston operated. KR-9 / KP-9 is gas blowback operated.

Can I use my saiga mags with the KS-12?

Most of the currently available Saiga accessories will work with the KS-12 including magazines, drums, muzzles devices and chokes.

I have Vityaz 9mm mags, can I use them with KR-9?

Russian Factory Vityaz mags will work, as well as our proprietary magazines.

Where is the AK ALFA?

GONE! It was a prototype; We are no longer working on this project!

Where is the 7.62 / AK103?

It is in the development, and it’s the next model in the pipeline. We’ll announce it closer to its release date.

Will you be making the AKM?

We plan to in the future.

Will you be making a Dragunov or SVD?

If we get enough interest, then sure.

Are you going to make rifles in 5.56?

We plan to in the future.

Are parts like trunnions and bolts made in America, Russia, or China?

It’s an American made gun with no Russian or Chinese parts.

Do you have ties with Russia?

We were licensed representatives until 2014; Since US imposed sanctions, we cut all the ties and are an independent company.

Will the KS-12 properly cycle low brass shells?

Yes, but please watch the videos on our YouTube channel or KUSA “media” page on our website to make sure you understand how gas regulator system works.

What took so long to get us the guns?

It takes time to develop a product and we wanted to do it right.

Will the other rifles be the same, bolt forge/machined and rest of the components cast/machined?

The high-stress parts are forged and/or machined. Any cast parts are following the Russian practice.

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KS-12 FDE Shotgun
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REP-PGSL | Pistol Grip Screw Long
KS12RSA | KS-12 Recoil Spring Assembly